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Thursday, July 24th, 2014 - The Gold Economy - Bringing you trusted gold news and gold investing information since 2006

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Latest Gold News

How to Sell Your Gold

With the help of a forex platform, you can trade in gold after knowing the gold trading price.  In recent years, there has been a sudden increase in gold investing, especially through the forex market. Gold can be traded against other currencies and most especially the US dollar. You can trade from the comfort of your own home, just by logging in and if I wish to trade in gold, I can use the website as the trading platform or a forex platform.

There is also a possibility of increasing your investment and thereby increasing the total financial benefits… Continue reading

Learning to Sell Gold

There are many options for those who wish to sell gold. The internet especially offers plenty of websites where you can find several companies, who are ready to buy gold coins, jewelry, scrap gold and so on. However, one has to be careful, as some of the companies may not be legitimate and might cheat you or scam you.

One must look out for companies that have a good reputation for buying gold, while searching where to sell gold. There are many premium gold buying sites on the internet and they are usually given accreditations, such as A+, A… Continue reading

Gold Selling Tips

Some people like to buy and sell gold on a regular basis as a form of investment. This is different from some others who just want to sell a particular piece of jewelry or some old coins. In the latter case, you may be in need of urgent cash for an emergency and would like to know how to sell gold in order to make a good profit when the gold price is high.

If you are wondering how to sell gold, it depends on the kind of gold that you possess. If your gold is in the form… Continue reading

GOLD NEWS: Market Update Week Ending 23rd March 2012

Gold rises at end of week despite negative sentiment

Gold closed the week at $ 1661.30, a fraction better than last week’s closing level of $1659.30.

Though global economic news came in mixed this week, with the United States mixed, though more positive than elsewhere, sentiment seemed to turn against gold with the yellow metal hitting a ten-week low of $1628 on Thursday before recovering to post a modest gain on the week.

Poor manufacturing indicators from China and… Continue reading

Gold News: Weekly Market Update for Week ending 16th March 2012

Gold Falls to Lows as Focus turns to Equities

Gold closed the week at a multi week low of $1659.30, down more than 3% on the week..

Economic news throughout the week was generally good in the United States, meaning that investor focus has once more turned to equities. Indeed, America’s major equity indices rose by around 2.5%, recording three and four year highs, with the Nasdaq recovering to levels not seen since the fourth quarter of 2000.

Though… Continue reading

GOLD NEWS: Weekly Market Review, Week Ending 9th March 2012

Gold Bounces from Technical Support and Consolidates

Gold closes the week almost unchanged from last week’s close, at $1713.20.

Gold was chased lower in the middle of the week as investment markets plunged with rumors that the Greek debt swap for private creditors had fallen apart. Such an event would have caused the country to miss deadlines for its $130 billion bailout funds, and sent the indebted nation into default. However, Thursday saw the deal accepted by 83% of creditors… Continue reading

Gold News: Weekly Market Update Week Ending 2nd March 2012

Gold struggles to remain above $1700

Gold closes the week down 3.4% at $1711.80.

Having spent the beginning of the week marking time, gold was hit hard on Wednesday as the US Fed Chairman, Bernanke, dampened speculation for further monetary easing. Elsewhere, mixed economic news should have proved the catalyst for further gains in the gold price.

While the Greek bailout has been sealed, the EU awaits certain assurances before releasing the full €130 billion. This said, with figures last week showing the European… Continue reading

Gold News: Monthly Review February 2012

Gold Consolidates above $1700 as Greece signs up to austerity and US growth continues

With US economic news seen as more positive for stocks as the month opened, gold struggled to maintain its early year momentum, though doveish comments from the US Fed Chairman, Bernanke, sandwiching the trading month has helped sentiment for the medium term outlook for gold in a thin market.

Bernanke has reiterated that problems in the US economy remain, and that the Fed sees danger from the European sovereign debt situation… Continue reading

Gold News: Gold Market Weekly Review 24th February 2012

Gold Rallies Further in Subdued Trade

Gold closed the week up 2.85%, and just below three-month highs, at $1772 with mixed economic news and a Greek debt deal keeping volumes low but sentiment firm.

On Tuesday, after a two-day meeting, European finance ministers agreed to pass the previously agreed €130 billion bailout fund to Greece in time for it to meet its March deadlines on its debt repayments. Under the deal, Greece’s private creditors will be forced to take a hit of up

Gold News: Weekly Market Update, Week Ending 17th February 2012

Equity Markets Mixed, Gold Rallies in Subdued Market

Gold tracked sideways for most of the week, as better than expected economic figures from the United States was tempered by nervousness over the Greek debt and austerity package.

Better than expected retail numbers from the US, which showed a pick up in sales during January, and lower than expected weekly jobless claims on Thursday failed to take away European gloom as figures showed UK employment prospects weakening. Though street riots and demonstrations in Athens had abated… Continue reading

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