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Gold has worked down from Alexander's time... When something holds good for two thousand years I do not believe it can be so because of prejudice or mistaken theory.

Bernard M. Baruch

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  1. Bernanke Speaks…will you Listen 4/26/11

    Not only is tomorrow a Fed decision day on rates Bernanke will be interviewed so expect fireworks. Inside day in Crude oil as we failed to make a new low with prices closing only marginally lower. Our bearish bias exists but we would like to see confirmation. On a break lower we think we could see a quick test of the 20 day MA at $109.30 in the June contract. We’ve yet to deploy any client capital but on our radar are shorts in RBOB or potential spread trades short RBOB/long heating oil…stay tuned. ...
    Politics , ‎ Oil
  2. The Fed Better End QE2 on April 27th

    By Dian L. Chu, EconMatters

    The Federal Reserve has lost all credibility on Wall Street, and most of the American public with the absolute refusal to recognize the dire effects on asset prices that QE2 has created. But the refusal is part of the problem. It reinforces the wide spread belief of investors that the Fed is out of touch with reality, and that they sit in their Ivory Tower implementing an exceedingly loose monetary policy, with the stated goal of inflating asset prices. ...